22 Nov


Introduction to new changes in life are often met with hostility and fear. This is because you lack a panoramic view of your life. The thought of the unknown fills you with anxiety of what is to befall you and therefore you look upon new changes with suspicion and doubt. Initially, there is a great deal of resistance, but ultimately you are compelled to accept them, and in time you come to familiarize yourself with them. And so it is with every new change: initial tantrums, resistance to welcoming new situations, then condescending to accept when you have no choice, and then slowly getting used to the new circumstances until you begin to snuggle comfortably into your new comfort-zone.

If people could have their way, they would prefer to remain stuck in their comfort-zone, and reject all new changes in life. This is because their range of vision is limited to their immediate surroundings, and that is not saying much – you are only seeing fragments of the whole picture lying in a disarray like bits and pieces that clutter your life which you cannot make sense of, and that is why it appears so imperfect… so intimidating.

If you could get a glimpse of the whole picture, you would find yourself looking forward to new changes in life, and feel blessed to be a part of the wonderful picture that God has put you in.

This is akin to an artist who has the picture visualized in complete detail before expressing it on his canvas. He starts off with a rough sketch and begins to “grow” his picture bit by bit in installments each day until he achieves the picture of his vision to perfection.

However to someone, who has no idea of the complete picture, the initial stages of the work would invariably appear messy and meaningless. But the one who beholds the picture in its entirety is the master of his creation who continues working upon his imagery with unperturbed conviction to transform his canvas into a masterpiece.

So it is with life. Every situation, no matter how ugly it may appear to a human perception, is a part of the bigger picture in all its grandeur. Changes are the orchestration of all elements that leads to perfection. Know that life is perfect. If you could perceive life from a higher viewpoint you would embrace changes with greater peace and joy.

Life does not tolerate stagnation at any point of time. The moment you find yourself getting too cozy in this world, life will step in and introduce a new situation in your life, which will push you out of your comfort-zone and put you in an environment that abounds with energies of health and abundance.

Mother Nature holds a classic example to humanity. Season after season Nature goes through transformation in perfect peace and harmony. Nature does not resist or stagnate but moves gracefully with time. She exists in absolute conformity with the divine Plan. This accounts for Her rich source of abundance and pristine beauty, thus making our planet a wondrous place to live in.

On a final note, changes are an incentive to your well-being, adding color and zing to your life. You become more resilient and flexible as you continue to co-operate peacefully with the changes of time. What you make of the changes lies in your hands alone – you either accept the changes and be at peace with yourself or else wage a lifelong battle against your fate and be miserable for the rest of your life.

 All in all, changes are the milestones on the path of your soul’s evolution.