22 Nov

Just Be You

Almost every second person you meet is either pretending to be someone else or else faking love and affection for others. And then, there are those who put their self-respect on hold and go out of their way to please others for lack of self-security, in order to be loved and accepted.

Little do they realize that affections and respect cannot be gained by lowering yourself to people, who are too egoistic to care for your feelings and sentiments. It is demoralizing for your spirit to live in servitude to the ego-selves of people. It is far more important to safeguard your precious inner Light than to scavenge for fake flatteries and affections of those who resent you. Your bending backwards to please those who resent you will not help to change their feelings towards you. On the contrary, by lowering your self-esteem you are giving them permission to trample upon you with malice and hatred. 

From a higher perspective, you are not your outer identity with which the world identifies you. You are a spiritual being who has come to Earth to fulfill your divine mission. You are here to further your spiritual progress and evolve to great spiritual heights.

You don’t need to grovel for love from the outside world. It is degrading to your soul. You are armed with power to live in all dignity and grandeur of your soul. You are a reservoir of pure love, peace and abundance. Turn your attention inwards and you will receive all the love and affection that you could ever ask for.

Always live in self-dignity because herein lies your true power and strength. Respect the divinity in you. Self-respect demands respect from others. Believe in yourself regardless of how the world regards you.

Refrain from mimicking others whom you admire for their success and fame. Why live in the shadows of other people when you have your own inner Light to radiate out in the world? You are a divine individual in your own right. You have the spark of God burning in your heart.

Rekindle that inner spark with self-love, faith and self-confidence, and let it blaze into a roaring fire which magnifies your personality and brings you into the limelight of the Universe.

Break free from the herd-mentality in order to safeguard your true, unique identity. The various, contrasting belief-systems and ideologies of people are interfering with your own principles. This is preventing you from living true to yourself and from being who you really are.

Live like a child, free from all inhibitions of social and communal compulsions that expect you to live as per their definition of life. You cannot be you when you are compelled to put on a mask which is suffocating the freedom of your soul.

A child is happy and free because he does not feel compelled to camouflage his natural self so as to live up to the superfluous norms of society. It would do you a world of good to sometimes just let down your guard and do the fun things that will release all your tension and make you feel like a little child, light and joyous.

Go and get drenched in the pouring rain… enjoy the song of the birds… hug a tree when you’re out for a walk… live in wonderment to the sights and sounds of Nature… indulge in sweet treats just like a little child. If you have children, play with them at their level… dance and sing your heart out… go mad… get messy and have fun.

Your simple joys of life will bring you closer to your inner, true aspect of yourself and in that, you will experience greater self-gratification and joy with the fullness of your heart.