21 Aug

Power of your subconscious

The subconscious mind is the hub of joys & sorrows. It is comprehensive of your likes, dislikes, beliefs, conditioning, feelings, and emotions related to happiness and trauma. Memories of your life-experiences, right from birth, are recorded in the subconscious. Your unresolved fears and other discordant feelings are trapped in your subconscious. Until they are dealt with and evicted from your being, these will continue to replay the situations of hardships and frustrations lifetime after lifetime ceaselessly. As a result, you remain stuck in an endless cycle of life and death, without any respite.

However, you are not destined to live as a hapless victim eternally to your circumstances. Just as you created wrong thought-patterns, you have the power also to reprogram your subconscious with the advantageous ones. You have the command and the authority to break free from your obsolete set patterns and karmas, which hold you back from progressing spiritually. Each time you come to Earth, you plan to heal and release all that does not serve you any longer. You went with a heavy load, and you are gradually tossing out what you no longer need.

Your subconscious is a reservoir of divine knowledge, information, and secrets of the Cosmic mysteries. All the answers you seek in the outside world are within you, locked in your subconscious. However, your fears, doubts, and suspicions are substantial barriers that block your access to your subtle mind. For this, you need to refine your outer mind from all that is obstructing your communion with your subconscious.

Strengthen your mind with daily meditation. Meditation helps refine your mind and clears up your subconscious's communication lines for continual guidance and inspiration. As you become sensitive to the higher impulses, you are guided to your divine purpose for which you have come on Earth to fulfil.  A mind, which is attuned to the Source, is an open channel for your spirit guides and angels to communicate with you and enlighten you with higher knowledge. A healthy, strong mind is an asset to you in all areas of your life.

Spend some quiet moments with Nature in the cold evening air after a hard day's work. Relaxing in the stillness of Nature helps release your mundane life's tensions and reinforces your sensitivity to connect with the Beings of the higher Realms. Nature energies are rejuvenating for your body, mind, and soul. Your silent contemplation with Nature helps raise your vibrational frequency and fine-tunes your subconscious to work towards manifesting your goals to fruition.

A well-disciplined mind is a deterrent to the negative energies. Therefore, daily meditation, prayers, and connecting with Nature are some of the practices that can keep your mind fresh, focused, and well-balanced. Moreover, live with a happy frame of mind. A mind that is filled with the light of optimism is free from the impediments of fear and doubts, and this empowers you to access your subconscious with increasing fluency and confidence for divine wisdom, inspiration, and higher knowledge.  

You are a creator, by right. The subconscious holds the key to your soul's mission on Earth. Use your subconscious's power to fulfil your divine purpose and bring about peace and joy in your life and the world. The subconscious mind's ability can help us manifest our dreams and lead us in the right direction. Not only does this make our life on Earth satisfying, but it also supports our souls to make quick progress in the higher realms, so that we are ultimately liberated from the never-ending cycle of life and death