21 Aug

Revenge Will Not Let You Live In Peace

The pleasure of seeing your enemy suffer, as a payback for the wrongs they have done you, is egoic and superficial; it does not justify anything. It must be understood that revenge has never brought about right in the wrong-doers, nor has it ever ensued peace in the world.

Revenge is a no-win situation. It only succeeds in magnifying a small issue until it blows up into a massive conflagration as egos clash with each other, each one trying to get the better of the other. From a broader perspective, taking revenge is a self-inflicted punishment; it is very much like twisting a knife in your wounds so that your soul is ever writhing in agony.

Misunderstandings can quickly be sorted out over a cup of coffee. Talking it out with a person who may have unwittingly hurt you helps to air out your misgivings towards him. And thus, you save yourself from the needless pangs of hurt and pain.

However, when someone has a deliberate intent to hurt you, it’s wise to maintain your distance from that person with peace and Forgiveness in your heart. Unforgiveness binds you to unhealthy bonds of negative energies with your enemies, whereas Forgiveness sets you free to live and love with an open heart. Malevolence can only be subdued with the power of love and Forgiveness.

Direct the energy of love and light to your enemies as you keep your distance. Forgive them for their mistakes. The Light of Love will help ease their vicious emotions towards you and gradually transform these into love and compassion.

The act of Forgiveness is often misinterpreted as being weak and cowardly… it is misunderstood as surrendering to the person out of fear instead of condemning him. In reality, Forgiveness is about forgiving the person and not the act. Your battle must be with the opposing forces and not with people themselves. We are all here to make mistakes and to rise above them. No one is perfect. We need to fight the negativity in the people with the Light of Forgiveness. The Light of Forgiveness subdues their conflicting emotions and refines the inner vision so that they can perceive beauty and perfection wherever they go.

It is not for you to judge and punish your offenders. Every individual is bound by the mighty Law of Cause and Effect, which is based on the principle of “what you sow, so shall you reap.”  No one can escape this eternal, immutable Law.

Every man is accountable for his thoughts, words, and actions. Retaliation is ego-oriented and is related to the temporary pleasure of getting even with your enemy at the cost of your spiritual progression. Moreover, with revenge, you are creating new karmas for yourself and sabotaging your peace and happiness.

The crux of the eternal Law of Cause and Effect is that each man punishes himself by karma. The immutable Law of the Universe is just and merciful. It does not condemn and annihilate the soul to hell and damnation for his mistakes but grants him eternal chances to improve and refine himself through suffering and hardships for his erroneous deeds.  

Therefore, seek not to avenge your enemies, but strive to live in conformity with the divine Universal Principles to enjoy a life of absolute peace and abundance. Heal your festering wounds with the cool, soothing salve of love and Forgiveness, and radiate your heart-light to uplift your oppressors from the throes of their inner turmoil so that they are set free to live and love again with the purity of their soul.