21 Aug

Spirituality in Times of Covid19

These are indeed very trying times for people all over the world. The deadly Coronavirus has taken complete control of the world, bringing it to a grinding halt.  The world and all humanity are living at the behest of the fatal virus ever since it has crept in on the planet in the most surreptitious way. The Earth is going through its darkest night.

This is no time to live in fear and panic, for these are the negative energies that only serve to boost the power of the dark forces on Earth. The planet needs every drop of light during these difficult times. Therefore, be conscious of your thoughts and feelings at any given moment.

Let go of your old beliefs and conditionings that have their roots in the dismal past of hurt and sorrow. Cast out your burdens and live free. Forgive all who have caused you pain. Raise your vibrations by investing in the energy of love, peace, and compassion. The light of optimism is your savior and benefactor against all evil afflictions of the world.

From a positive perspective, the corona is dislodging people from the comfort zone of their old deleterious beliefs and false conditionings, based on fears and superstitions. In the absence of social life, people are seeking spiritual asylum and re-discovering themselves. They are learning to value their family and friends as they sit in the seclusion of their homes. Sanitization is taking place not just at the physical level but at the mental and spiritual levels as well.

Here are some of the ways which can help you develop your physical and spiritual well-being:

Meditation – Sit in complete stillness of your soul and watch your thoughts passively. Do not engage yourself in any feeling that comes up; simply allow it to move on. Do this for about 15 to 20 minutes daily. This exercise helps promote deep inner peace and mental clarity so that you are ever resonating with greater optimism and joy despite the grim circumstances around you.

Learning New Skills – Keep your mind healthfully engaged in doing constructive things like learning new skills or pursuing an old forgotten hobby for which you had no time in your busy schedule. It will do away with the monotony of being restricted in your home while creating a sense of self-worthiness and fulfillment.

Connecting with Nature – Mother earth is in its detox mode. As the days are passing, we are experiencing, brighter sky, clean and blue water in our rivers and seas, chirping of birds is much audible, there is more greenery around. Everything looks so new! There is so much sanity in the atmosphere. At the close of the day, when your work is done, sit out in the cool evening breeze, within the confines of your home, like on a balcony or in a garden, and just be with Nature in quiet contemplation, admiring a beautiful sunset and the beauty of Nature under a blushing twilight glow. Connect with Nature, and breathe in the pure Nature-energy of healing and rejuvenation.

Gratitude journal – Maintain a Gratitude journal where you can express your gratitude daily for every small thing that makes your life happy and comfortable. Jot down five things each day, for which you feel so very blessed. The purpose of this exercise is to beat the despondencies and discomforts of the lock-down and help you focus on the brighter side of life. Whenever you feel sad and low, just go through your journal, and you be surprised that you have so many reasons to be happy about and a very few to be sad. Count your blessing every day!

Yoga – Practice yoga for your overall health and flexibility of your body, mind, and spirit. Yoga builds up a robust defence system against all malignant afflictions. Moreover, it exhilarates your entire being with a fresh supply of pranic-energy. It drives away all symptoms of boredom, fatigue, and lassitude, which are bearing down on a great many people during the lock-down.

Creative-visualization – Do this exercise for about ten minutes every night. Hold the vision of a new, healthy world of love and peace just before going to bed. Visualize the planet shining like the brightest star in the sky. Visualize all people enjoying perfect health, looking very happy and peaceful. Feel the energy of love and brotherhood while you hold this vision. Know that all is well with you and the entire planet.