21 Aug

The Importance of Hardships

Planet Earth is a school of hard knocks, and the trials and tribulations of life are a part of our curriculum. The ultimate purpose of hardships is to teach humankind the ever-important lesson of unconditional Love and Brotherhood.

Life-situations are not some random occurrences of fate. Everything works as per the divine Plan. If things were left to chance, the entire cosmos would be chaotic. Your divine blueprint is prepared at your behest with the help of your higher Guides before you come down on Earth. Every situation and event is planned and tailor-made as per your spiritual progression requirements for that given lifetime.

The lessons of life are merely situations, and difficulties are what your befuddled mind makes of them. Your unwillingness to accept a problem invariably creates a sense of struggle, turning a simple situation into a monstrosity until it completely overwhelms you. Therefore, the harder you resist, the greater is your suffering.

Hardships are an inherent part of your spiritual evolution. Your ordeals are not meant to break you, but to mold you into a comprehensive, spiritual being. All situations are the repercussions of your mistakes. They are not punishments, but merely the effects of the conditions you created, as per the divine Law of Cause and Effect. Moreover, mistakes are the stepping-stones to your spiritual progress. They are like the benevolent teachers who help you make better life choices for a more disciplined and peaceful existence on Earth.

The Universe does not condemn you for your errant ways; It only provides you with the lessons which serve to purify and cleanse you in their stringent way. The pain and agony, brought about by the consequences of your errors, help to smoothen out the rough edges, and polish the dross off your being. Just as a rough diamond is tempered and put through the fire to bring out its purity and sparkle, similarly, hardships temper and condition your spirit until you begin to shine with the brilliancy and clarity of your inner light like an exquisite jewel which you are.

There is no gain without pain. Every experience is a lesson, making you a little bit wiser, a little more mature than you were before. Therefore, look upon your troubles as props upon which you strengthen your mind and spirit. Just as a sportsman who is ever-increasing the difficulty-level of his games to excel in his field, likewise, take each challenging situation as a competition to test the mettle of your soul in your desire to improve and gain mastery over self continually.

Every experience that you go through in life contributes to the enrichment of your soul. Therefore, befriend your lot, accept your circumstances with grace, and do your best to manipulate them in your favor. Be an opportunist, and see what you can gain from these uninvited guests.

Every problem comes with its solution. Perceive your hardships in the light of optimism, and answers will present themselves unto you. Fear and anger blind your inner perception, leaving you in a state of utter despair and helplessness.

The Light of Peace and Love helps cushion the severity of your calamitous situations, thus giving you the impetus to quickly and smoothly rise above your ordeals. Understand that your difficulties are not real and permanent; they are only the chapters of life which disappear once their purpose is served.

“This too shall pass!” should be your mantra in the face of your hardships. With that, surrender yourself to Time; allow the soothing Hands of Time to erase away all troubles from your life so you may ever abound in peace and harmony.