21 Aug



It is a commonplace to relate gratitude with all that revolves around your peace and happiness. In reality, gratefulness is not restricted to appreciating merely the good things in your life; it is about being thankful for everything that happens to you in life. The attitude of gratitude brings you in alignment with God – in alignment with the Truth that God is the Source of all that you have – of all your needs and desires. The interesting aspect of the gratitude energy is that it attracts and multiplies abundance in your life. 

When things fail to meet your expectations, disappointment sets in, and you become disgruntled with life. But, the outward appearances are deceiving. What you term as misfortune could well be a blessing in disguise. A pessimistic mindset fails to perceive the benedictions behind unpleasant situations and quickly gives in to fear and panic, making your life very chaotic. But when you live with the attitude of gratitude, you are living in surrender to the Almighty, and therefore, you are invariably thankful for all your have’s as well as the have-nots.

Whenever shades of dissatisfaction cloud your mind, start counting your blessings. Think of the less fortunate ones who are struggling to survive with each passing day, and you will realize you have so much to be grateful for. Each time you express gratitude, your heart expands with warmth and gladness. Generosity replaces covetousness, and you become less selfish. And the more you give, the greater is your happiness. This ultimately leads to the understanding that the rewards of kindness far exceed the pleasures of living for selfish gain.

Thereupon, the desire to appropriate the things of the world out of greed and lust no longer holds sway over your heart and mind. The emotional ties of attachment with the matter-world gradually fall apart, liberating you from all your compulsions with materialism. Then, as you stand apart from the materialistic world, you feel a deep sense of self-satisfaction. This allows you to wholly participate in the joys of others without a twinge of resentment or jealousy.

You have everything to gain when you are living in the grace of perpetual gratitude. The powerful mantra: “Whatever happens, happens for the best,” should be instilled deep within the core of your being. The gratitude energy opens your heart and fills the empty void within you with a feeling of deep inner peace and contentment so that you can appreciate life as it unfolds unto you. Your benign temperament automatically qualifies you to enter into the eternal flow of abundance where all your needs and desires are met effortlessly and peacefully.

Here are some of the examples for expressing gratitude: 

  • For a brand new day, which brings with it fresh opportunities for rectifying the errors of yesterdays.
  • To your body for being so able and healthy
  • For sweet freedom to go wherever you please 
  • For abundant supply of food and water, while millions are dying of hunger and thirst
  • To your enemies, because they come in your life to teach you the lessons of love and forgiveness
  • To the unfortunate and needy people, as they bring you the opportunity to practice altruism
  • To Mother Nature for making this planet habitable and beautiful
  • For being blessed with loved-ones who make your life so secure, comfortable, and warm
  • For your job and career
  • For your home which shelters you from rain and storm  
  • For your success as well as for your failures

Above all, express deep gratitude to the Almighty for giving you this beautiful gift called “Life.”

Eventually, thank you for being YOU; you are an indispensable, unique creation in the mighty Cosmic Chain of existence.