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Tarot Cards for Love, Compatibility and Zodiac Signs

Healing Through Tarot Cards
The power of tarot cards is limitless. The miraculous healing that the cards provide is sometimes beyond one's imagination. Whether you've just welcomed a tarot deck to your home or are taking help from a tarot reader to channel some guidance and healing towards you, know that you are on the right path and will be blessed. Here are five different ways you can receive healing from tarot cards - 

Clarity On A Situation 
We often find ourselves in situations where there's nothing but confusion. When stuck in a dilemma, tarot cards provide the clarity you need; they reveal the entire situation by going in-depth to the root. When you are in a position where you find it challenging to observe the problem by disconnecting yourself from the situation, tarot comes to the rescue. It lays before you an unbiased, real version of the event. It tells you the backstory as well as strategizes an action plan to fix the situation. 

Help Understand Yourself Better
To improve your quality of life or become your better self, you need to be fully aware of yourself. This includes your strengths, weaknesses, triggers, and traits. You need to be mindful of your traumas, how they influenced your subconscious, and how they shaped you to be the person you are today. Tarot cards help you discover your current self, your past, and your inner self. They help you understand your footprints throughout your path, as well as give you an idea about what your potential future holds. It helps you plan, change, understand, and implement more useful things to help mould your life for the better. 

Take Care Of Your Mental Health
Mental health wounds can be quite traumatic, and during times of emotional despair, everything can seem to go downhill like there isn't any bigger picture to look at. This is an extremely delicate time as it might induce a state of fear or disappointment. Tarot cards can speak the language of love, point you in the right direction and be the shoulder you need while also guiding you to do what is required to improve your situation. Tarot cards become the ray of hope and the light that leads you to the brighter side of life. 

Tarot Meditation - Manifestation 
If you're trying to manifest anything in life, make tarot your manifestation tool. Simply choose a card that represents what your goal is, close your eyes, and sit with it. Hold it between your palms as you meditate and visualize yourself in the image. Believe that everything you want is being received by you NOW. Give the card your energy and embrace it. Once you have aligned yourself with the card's energy and have embraced it, surrender and wait for it to manifest in the 3D. 

Tarot Meditation - Cutting Yourself Lose 
If you feel like you're stuck in a situation that is no longer serving you or have a bad habit, you want to get rid of, perform a healing meditation with a tarot card. Pick a card that resonates with your situation - it can be an image or the energy you feel matches your situation. Imagine yourself being the person in the picture; imagine yourself in the exact position, the surroundings, and how you look. Then imagine what you feel, your thoughts. Now imagine yourself breaking loose from the situation. Be it physically, mentally, how would you do to get out? Visualize yourself trying to escape and finally being free. 

Love Reading - Tarot Cards That Symbolize Love 
Now that you know how tarot cards can lead you to a better tomorrow, are you ready to unhitch the mysteries your love life awaits? Tarot cards are an excellent means to guide you towards a new potential love. This is why getting a tarot reading for love is an excellent idea if you're looking for answers when it comes to welcoming a new relationship in your life. However, if you intend to go for a love reading and don't know a lot about tarot cards, you might not be aware of the messages these cards carry. So what lies below is a list of top 5 Tarot Cards you need to keep an eye for in your reading that can indicate loving days in your future days  - 
The Sun - The radiant Sun and the white horse symbolize simplicity and positivity. In a love tarot reading, The Sun is the transcendent cue you've been waiting for. It is the sign that new love is on its way and that you're going to embrace it with open arms. Signifying a brand-new start, the Sun card is the perfect card for those searching for some spark in their love life. So brace yourself because happier days are on their way. 
Ten Of Pentacles - If in your reading, The Ten of Pentacles card shows up, take it as a clear indication that you are soon going to encounter a strong connection. The picture in the card implies unbreakable bonds and new beginnings. You also need to know that you need to know that your internal resistance and insecurities stopping you from manifesting a stable bond are slowly disappearing with the Ten of Pentacles showing up. 
The Lovers - Even if you're new to tarot cards, it's a no shocker to know that The Lovers card is an immensely great pick when it comes to love readings.  In the purest human form, the two people, bare in Eden garden, symbolize Adam and Eve before the apple situation when everything was new and whole. It calls to say that your new passionate connection will be established on shared support, admiration, and trust. 
Ace Of Cups - Aces usually indicate fresh cycles, as it is associated with number 1, being the first card in every suit. When it comes to the Ace of cups, it symbolizes the commencement of new experiences in your emotional life, indicating a fresh start, precisely a new relationship in a love reading. This is also the card that tells the rebirth of emotions and reveals the spiritual features of love and relationship. 
Knight Of Cups - The Knight of Cups implies that a new connection is approaching you. Get ready for your knight who is bundled with passion, belief, creativity, and determination. This knight will slowly but surely make its way to your heart. Not only will he make a place in your heart, but he's also going to stay there. The Knight of Cups signifies a man who is confident yet soft, patient, kind, and a keeper. 

Compatibility Reading - Tarot Cards That Indicate Compatibility 
If you've already found 'the one' and are looking for confirmation, tarot reading is the go-to to understand the inner workings of your love life. Here are five best cards that are a good omen when it comes to compatibility readings - 
The Lovers - One of the most famous love card, The Lovers, represents a deep bond and a lasting connection between you and your significant other. It betokens immense compatibility and stability in the relationship and can be a thumbs up if you want to discover if you've already found your soulmate/ your other half. The presence of the card is a clue that all your prayers about love will get answered.
Two of Cups - The Two of Cups card talks about commitment in a relationship, indicating a union between two people built on respect, honesty, faith, and limitless love. The picture on the card draws a man and a woman exchanging cups, therefore vowing love to each other. This card's core usually indicates that the bond is not just made with love but a strong friendship, so a lot of understanding and compassion can be found in this bond. The partners represented by this card are assumed to keep their happiness aside and center more on keeping their better half happy. They are possessing all of those qualities that are predominant in building a long-lasting romantic relationship.
Four Of Wands - In the card Four Of Wands, we witness a fortunate pair, with flowers and bouquets around, implying a celebration and what better than the celebration of two lovers, a wedding? Four is the number of stability, an additional sign that the marriage will be a stable one. In the card, we also see the couple surrounded by their friends and family, so if you wonder if your relationship will turn into a forever commitment soon, the answer is yes! 
Ten Of Cups - Getting a Ten Of Cups in a love reading means that a happy family life lies ahead for you. The card's image is of a couple celebrating the rainbow, indicating the ending of hard times and being bestowed with blessings. They are seen receiving the rewards for putting in the hard work by having a delightful home and their kids roaming around. Ten of Cups, being the last card of the suit of cups, indicates fulfilled emotional needs and blessed family life. Because number ten is associated with beginnings and endings, this card embodies a closing of an old chapter and a new one. 
The Emperor - The Emperor carries masculine energy, indicating a stable and long-term relationship. The card symbolizes a male personality in power, as a symbol of protection. It points out that the relationship is grounded, and you can confide in your partner. It also says that the relationship can endure anything and that your significant other can be trusted. It asks you to leave behind all your worries about the relationship and celebrate your relationship. 

Tarot Cards And Zodiac - Which tarot card are you according to your zodiac sign?
To fully understand your core personality, look at the tarot card that represents your zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign is linked to a major arcana in the tarot, representing the person's personality, characteristics, and true essence. Find what your major arcana says about you and discover your true self - 
Aries: The Emperor - You are like The Emperor - full of charisma, strength, and power, authority, as well as loyalty. You are always there for your loved ones and are their go-to when it comes to advice in matters of the intellect or when someone needs a strong shoulder. Keep working on your self-discipline and embrace your power to keep shining. 
Taurus: The Hierophant - Just like The Hierophant, you are calm, grounded, and cautious. You do not believe in making hasty decisions and possess all the qualities of a mentor. This card advises you to keep walking towards success with the same integrity, learn more, and go out there to seek the truth.
Cancer: The Chariot  - You are bold and robust, ready to guide the chariot. You are someone with a nurturing personality, seek love and affection from the people you love, yet also love your freedom and empty roads, so you can go for what makes you happy. This card advises you to take care of yourself before you lend a hand to others. 
Leo: The Strength - Just like the lion, you are full of strength and vigor that helps you shine bright even in times of despair. You have the ability to control your mind, emotions, walk through the spiritual path, and pick yourself up even if you stumble upon a stone. The card's advice to you is that when your strength is tested, be yourself - the strong lion that you are, but detach from your ego. 
Virgo: The Hermit - Like the Hermit, you often find yourself slowing down and spending time reflecting on your thoughts. You are someone who seeks pleasure in spending time alone, as worldly desires do not please you. You are advised to continue spending time with yourself to channelize your thoughts and make sure you don't become aloof from the outer world. 
Libra: The Justice - You are best represented with the Justice card. You are someone who seeks balance in every situation and always in search of the truth, right, and what's fair. You are advised not to go in-depth about every situation, safeguard yourself from falling into a rabbit hole, and welcome new perspectives with open arms. 
Scorpio: Death - Death represents change and transformation. And just like the card, you are always open to change and find yourself shedding what no longer serves you. You have a mysterious personality as it's easy for you to change your identity and detach yourself from people or circumstances that don't appeal to you. You are advised to remind yourself to drop down the weight of anything unwanted right at this moment. 
Sagittarius: Temperance - Just like Temperance, you see the good in everything, often resolve conflicts by becoming the meditator. Although you are optimistic, you often find it challenging to deal with emotional and mental troubles. You are advised to keep your eyes on the price when in a challenging situation. 
Capricorn: The Devil - You are represented by The Devil, indicating your shadow self. It reveals your contrary inner side that may be affecting you negatively. Your unhealthy thoughts, patterns, or beliefs. You are asked to look into your shadow, identify these traits, and heal to gain strength and believe in a better tomorrow. 
Aquarius: The Star - You are a water bearer, pointing that you should let your emotions flow. You are someone with an incredible intellect and good fortune. You are unique, intuitive, and social. You are advised to embrace your emotional side and not let it get curbed up in the back of your mind. 
Pieces: The Moon - The card indicated that you have a strong inner voice and intuition connected to the mystical side—your mood changes with the moon cycle's changing. You are advised to understand yourself better and get a grip on your life; you need to study the lunar cycles and see how it reflects on your emotions. 

Love and light always
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