Tarot Reading

What kind of questions can I ask the Tarot?

Tarot Card Reading is excellent for clarifying the problems or issues that logic by itself simply can't handle or manage (most of the important ones in life!). Love relationships, friendships, negotiations, work dynamics, office politics, family matters, spiritual well-being, or personal peace.

How do I best prepare for a Tarot reading?

Please keep these points in mind whenever you embark on a tarot card reading to get the maximum benefit out of the same:

  • This is the essential point, have an open mind, and leave the skepticism and negativity behind
  • Prepare your questions on the matters on which you need some guidance and get them along with you. Writing them down can be a good option.
  • Be calm. Keep in mind that there is nothing in the reading, which would affect you negatively. The Tarot gives you the answers for which you are ready. You can meditate if you are feeling anxious/nervous.
  • Kindly understand that certain specifics will not be given to you, like date/time/place, but yes trends and vibes will be revealed.
  • Note the guidance given for future reference and follow any meditative techniques suggested to help you in your future circumstances.
  • You can always ask for another person even if they are not present for the reading.
  • Accept the guidance with gratitude and optimism, as something is coming from the Source.

How do I ask a question of the Tarot?

It is better not to ask a "yes or no" question unless it's quick one-card reading. It is expected to ask, "What do I need to focus on to find a job?" rather than "Will I get a job?". Or you can also ask questions related to your health and take precautions as per your energies.

The first way of approaching it is to seek more information and insight. It implies that the person asking the question has power over the situation and is ready to deal with the crisis coming forward. He/she is not just sitting idly, waiting for the right opportunity. There may be aspects of a job search ignored or steps that need to be taken, which are yet to be considered, or a completely different approach may be required. You should always positively take your readings to let them abide by the positive energy from the universe to you.

Can I ask specific questions such as the exact date, time, location, and name?

Tarot Reading is mainly a divine tool used for guidance, and it does not answer specific questions like When, who, where. You can ask questions like how can I change or implement a particular thing in a different way to get a productive and accurate answer.

Can I take a Tarot card reading for/about another person?

Yes, you can. But you should respect the other person's privacy and ask questions that can be helpful for both you and another person if answered. We at, Angelicurio do not support violating anyone's privacy.

When and how often do I need a Tarot reading?

It entirely depends on you; you can take a reading as often as you feel the need for insights or advice. I would personally recommend questions about significant life events checked with a few weeks gap after the last reading.

People use Tarot readings to process different life situations like:

  • Relationships - compatibility or issues like breakups, misunderstandings, etc.
  • Career - dilemma over career choices, way ahead, domains, etc.
  • Financial decisions or situation
  • General guidance

Which Tarot deck is used by Your Healer?

I use the traditional 'Rider Waite Tarot' deck. At times, I use the 'Wisdom of the Oracle' deck too.

Are Oracle cards/reading different from Tarot cards/reading?

Yes. Oracle cards are highly intuitive cards, and basically, the Oracle Card reading has less structure and rules than a tarot card reading. While Oracle readings can also clarify and give guidance for questions, Tarot reading offers a more holistic perspective of a situation as a whole.

Crystals & Accessories

How do I keep my accessories in good shape?

Use these four simple steps to keep your prized angelicurio.com accessories nice and bright:

Try to keep them away from water
Avoid contact with perfume, lotion and other chemicals
Clean them with a polishing cloth only
Store in a cool and dry place

Cleansing/Charging my crystals, and other crystal accessories, how to go about it?

Wondering how to charge crystals? We've combined a few unique and simple ways that have worked for us over the past years. The trick to effectiveness is making crystal cleansing and recharging part of your daily routine. Rebalancing and charging the crystals restore their powers, and there are different ways that you can go about purifying the energy of your precious crystals:

Moonlight spa

Let your crystals bathe outside in the light of the sun or moon for at least 4 hours. After all, who's spirit isn't uplifted by a little relaxation in nature?

Smoke out

Burning Sage and Palo Santo not only make your home smell great, but they'll leave your crystals feeling great, too. Let your crystals be immersed in the sacred smoke until your piece becomes energised. When lighting the sage, hold it under an Abalone Shell, which will catch the ashes. The shell sometimes has a row of small holes, perfect for holding a wafting feather or incense sticks.

Return to nature

We could always use the reset that comes with a return to nature. To give your crystal that revitalization, place the crystals on the soil, or you could rest your crystal jewelry on a lively plant at home for 24 hours. It will do wonders.

Selenite or Quartz

Selenite and Quartz have the rare ability to charge and purify other crystals without ever losing any of their energy. Rest your crystal on a large piece of Quartz or selenite for few hours. After a date with these eligible stones, your crystal will be in high-vibe heaven.


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