Healing crystals are a combination of Earth elements and the Universe. These crystals are beaming with the energy of the Sun, the Moon, and elements. These semi-precious stones connect us to these elements as soon as they come in contact with us. A lot of people wonder if crystals have healing powers. It takes a conscious effort to see these powers with an open heart and mind to feel the power of crystal healing. The belief on the exciting stories describing the curative effects of healing stones, depends on your own experience. Then, once you begin, the journey is studded with beautiful, mysterious, and unique crystals that will rock your world.

In this magical world, crystal energy helps you on your spiritual journey. This energy works to remind you of your connection to the Earth. A well thought out purpose is the starting point for healing crystals. Specific goals instilled into your daily thought patterns also become part of their energy.


“You know the world is a magical place when mother earth grows her own Jewelry”

Sage Goddess
African Jade

The African Jade is a stone with many colors and is known to bring harmony to the mind, body, and soul. Associated with Heart Chakra, it balances and heals emotional issues. Helps to get perspective, when all seems lost. The Energy of African Jade is Gentle and it is a great stone to work with when everything seems to go downhill, meditating with African Jade will help bring back focus and passion.


Amethyst is a stone of protection and intuition. It's every healer's favorite crystal, as it is also a multipurpose crystal, that can be used to heal various issues. Associated with the Third eye chakra, it is powerful against Psychic attacks, evil eye and is known to relieve stress and strains. The strong healing and cleansing powers of the Amethyst are well known and accepted by all

Ammonite Fossils

The earth healing fossil, Ammonite Fossil is a powerful one. The spiral-shaped fossil symbolizes continual change and evolution. It is known to absorb cosmic energy through time and life force stimulation. It is known to activate Kundalini and life path energies


Aquamarine’s calming energies help in stress reduction and at the same time, it’s also known as the stone of courage. It helps overcomes judgementalism while giving support to those who have lots of responsibilities. This stone supports self-expression and calms down unwanted fears. Especially helps an expectant mother in providing protection to both mother and the baby

Black Agate

The stone for prosperity and courage, this stone is the balancing stone to clean negative energy from the aura and bringing in peace and joy. The wearer tends to get closer to ground reality and connects with spirituality

Black Lava

This stone is your connection with Mother Earth, it’s the stone of strength and courage and stability when most needed. Black Lava stone helps one bounce back when the situations are not favorable and provide guidance. It helps control anger from getting out of hands

Black Obsidian

This is a very strong counter and absorbs the negativity that may be surrounding the wearer, a very strong protective stone. It removes mental stress, the tension of any kind, and generally helps the wearer think better. The stone brings clarity and clears and possible confusion in the mind while bringing you in front of truth.

Black Onyx

Another powerful protection stone the Black Onyx, known to absorb and transform negative energy while stopping the drain of personal positive energy. This stone is especially supportive when one feels a loss of stamina and willingness due to stress, grief, and confusion.

Black Tourmaline

This is worn for protection against all kinds of negative energy and psychic protection and the stone has a strong spiritual connection. This stone is sometimes called Schorl encouraging the wearer to be optimistic, happy, and brings luck irrespective of the circumstances that one might be in.


A powerful healing stone, the Bloodstone is also a powerful blood cleanser. The stone is known to be protective and increases intuition and creativity. It protects from negative energies, unnecessary stressful situations can be overcome with the help of this stone


A key stone of manifestation, Citrine helps with personal will and imagination. It carries the power of the sun and is comforting like the sun’s warmth while being the giver of life. Citrine helps in  simulating the Chakras, clearing the mind and awakens imagination and creativity

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz has emotional healing capabilities that block negative feelings and encourages positive thoughts. It improves one’s perception of things around them and enhances awareness. The wearer’s energy levels tend to go up and they are able to achieve balance in their life.

Green Aventurine

The Green Aventurine will comfort and protect the heart while harmonizing it with the world around. The stone is known to attract success, luck, and abundance. It is recommended to be worn by those looking to work on emotional issues that remain unresolved thanks to the soothing energy that’s behind this stone.

Green Fluorite

This Green Fluorite is known for immune system enhancement while also supporting cell regeneration and helping with vital nutrients. The stone is especially helpful for cases of arthritis, bones, and teeth issues. Has effective measures for stomach upsets, insomnia, ulcers, etc


Labradorite helps regulate metabolism and stimulates mental acuity while relieving stress and anxiety. This stone balances hormones, lower blood pressure, and support digestion. Overall a very health-focused stone which is known to help the wearer in many ways

Lapiz Lazuli

The intellectuals stone for people with higher skills requirements like – archaeologists, lawyers, inventors, writers, etc. Lapiz Lazuli is known as a powerful crystal that activates the higher intellectual ability and mind. The simulation is to desire knowledge and understanding which supports the process of learning and enhances memory


Opal is about creativity, optimism, and enthusiasm and releases inhibitions to inspire passion and love. Opal stimulates flashes of insight and intuition while also working on consciousness. The stone is also a protective stone for mediation

Orange Agate

These crystals bring about emotional, intellectual, and physical balance while aiding in centering and stabilizing the physical energy. Orange Agate is known to have the power to harmonize the positive and negative forces, popularly known as the Yin and Yang

Red Agate

The Red Agate is the protector of the primary Root Chakra of the human body. The stone is known to promote safety and vitality and is known to influence the energies across the human body

Red Coral

The Red Coral is the stone for courage and helps overcome nervousness and fear for the wearer. This is also considered as a source for boosting self-esteem and has amazing healing effects. Various skin related problems can also be dealt with Red Coral

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is the stone for supporting the detoxification of the blood and enhanced circulation while strengthening the heart. This is especially useful in treating heart conditions including the recovery of bypass etc. It is also known to treat exhaustion and related issues


Rhodonite is the stone for maintaining emotional balance by healing the wounds from times gone by, giving way to love. It grounds energy, heals emotional shock and also balances the Yin and Yang

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is all about restoring trust and harmony in relationships and is considered as the stone of universal love. It opens the heart to promote love, friendship, inner healing, and peace. It’s the comfort in times of distress and grief dispelling negativity. The stone invokes self-trust, self-worth, and forgiveness.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz neutralizes negative vibes, detoxifying the mind and soul, its an excellent grounding stone. It will leave the wearer in depression and when things are not going in the right direction dispersing fear. The stone promotes positive thoughts while bringing emotional calmness relieving stress and calmness

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is the protector stone and also brings good luck. It brings mental clarity and focuses to resolve problems objectively without getting emotional. It’s know to dispel fear and anxiety by enhancing mental stability


Tourmaline promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear by helping the wearer understand oneself and others. It’s known to attract compassion, tolerance, prosperity, and helps the wearer get inspired. It’s also known to help balance the mind and improve hand-eye coordination. Tourmaline will help the wearer release tension in the body


Turquoise is the creative problem solver and helps in self-realization. A symbol of romantic love and friendship, it's a popular stone. The Turquoise is heals the whole body and enhances immune system while stimulating regeneration of tissue