7 Chakra 90 Mm Wand

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All purchases with angelicurio.com are personally energized by Your Healer before being shipped to you. The stones and crystals are then able to provide its wearer with the right energies they are expected to carry.

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Product Description- 

Fluorite crystal comes from its distinctive fluorescent light that features different colors when exposed to UV rays. An excellent stone for students, the Fluoride crystal works to boost peacefulness and precise focus in your environment, making it a must-have for those times when you need to concentrate. The Fluorite crystal stone can be used as a power source that magnifies everything around it, including other gemstones. This makes it a popular tool to include in healing layouts, especially if you're feeling mentally blocked.

  • You can gift this alluring decor to your loved ones and friends on any occasion. 
  • Best for space clearing, meditation, concentration, cord cutting rituals, aura cleansing rituals, etc.
  • Use it in office space for better decision making and attracting positive clients.



  • Item Height: Approx. 1.18inch
  • Product Features: Natural Chip Stone, Hexagonal Column, 7 Layers, Resin, Faceted
  • Item Width: Approx. 1.18inch
  • Item Length: Approx. 3.62inch
  • Material: Natural Stone
  • Item Diameter: Approx. 3.62inch
  • Size: Approx. 92x30x30mm / 3.62x1.18x1.18 inches
  • Product Feature: Natural Chip Stone, Hexagonal Column, 7 Layers, Resin 
  • Natural Stones: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Olivine, Natural Stones 2: Citrine, Red Agate, Tourmaline
  • These are natural stones/crystal; hence please allow for minor variation in size, weight, color, and other natural attributes.


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Return Policy

Due to the unique nature of these purchases, they are energised and prayed for the recipient, we, unfortunately, don't accept any returns. In case of any lost/broken/wrong items, we will issue you a store credit of the value of your purchase, less shipping cost.

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